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Drive to Stop Open-Air, Toxic Bomb Tests at Site 300 Gains Momentum

Wednesday, December 6, 2017
Posted by Marylia Kelley

We want to offer our thanks to all the residents who came to the Tracy City Council meeting last night, and we offer special thanks to everyone who was able to stay until the Site 300 agenda item came up (close to midnight). It was inspiring to hear community members’ testimonies to their elected officials.

We extend our appreciation as well to Mayor Robert Rickman, Mayor ProTem, Veronica Vargas, and Council Members Nancy Young, Rhodesia Ransom and Juana Dement. Thank you all for listening so carefully - and alertly - to constituents near the end of a long meeting!

The City Council voted unanimously to submit comments describing the City of Tracy’s concerns and objections to the Proposed Action to expand open-air detonations at Site 300. The Council also voted unanimously in favor of requesting that the Dept. of Energy (DOE) extend the public comment period by 60-days and hold a public meeting in Tracy.

Similarly, our people-power petition drive is gaining steam. We have collected scores of petitions, which also serve as official public comments to oppose the Livermore Lab’s Proposed Action to conduct these home-shaking blasts that will fill the sky with hazardous poisons.

We invite you to use the Public Comment & Petition, available below. Please download and sign it. Add comments if you wish. Return it to Tri-Valley CAREs by email or postal mail – and we will submit it to the DOE.

You can also comment directly to Very recently, the DOE has extended the public comment period slightly, from December 7, 2017 to December 22, 2017. Please add your voice to Tri-Valley CAREs, the City of Tracy and others and request a full 60-day extension of the public comment period (to February 5, 2018) and a public hearing on this proposal.


Haga clic aqui para ver la peticion en Espanol

Click here to read Tri-Valley CAREs’ presentation for the Tracy City Council