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Media Advisory

New Exhibits At Livermore Lab Invite Workers, Others To Question National Ignition Facility, Lab's Radioactive Releases

Watchdog Groups To Unveil Two Eye-Catching Displays At Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Visitors Center On Wed., Dec. 12 At 1 PM

(view the exhibits)

WHAT: Installation ceremony for two visually stunning, multi-color wall displays to be placed at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) Visitors Center by organizations opposed to ongoing nuclear weapons development and radioactive emissions at LLNL. One of the professionally-designed six foot by four foot panels will feature a skull, the National Ignition Facility (NIF) target chamber, information about NIF's nuclear weapon design applications and the admonition to current and prospective LLNL workers, "Your mind is a terrible thing to waste." Its companion display will depict the hazards of nuclear development at LLNL and warns viewers, "Your health is a terrible thing to waste."

WHEN: Wednesday, December 12 at 1 PM

WHERE: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Visitors Center, Greenville Road entrance (from I-580, take Greenville Road south to LLNL).


HOW: These displays are made possible by a California Supreme Court decision. The Court ruled, in essence, that LLNL was using the Visitors Center - and public tax dollars - to promulgate one, single perspective on issues. The Court then ordered LLNL to set aside wall space and literature racks for "alternative views."

WHY: The new displays will speak directly to LLNL employees, those considering employment at LLNL, local school children on field trips and others. The two panels challenge the viewers to consider NIF and nuclear weapons work in a new light, one much different than can be found in any of the myriad other displays at the LLNL Visitors Center. The new displays invite the viewers to reflect on NIF's relationship to advancing nuclear weapons science. Further, the displays point to the harmful health and environmental impacts of nuclear development.

The displays are a joint project of Tri-Valley CAREs, San Francisco Bay Area Physicians for Social Responsibility and Western States Legal Foundation. Photo and interview opportunities will be available at the event.

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