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for immediate release, August 16th, 2001

Billboard Unveiling For Campaign To Urge Livermore Lab Scientists To Quit Work On The National Ignition Facility And Other Nuclear Weapons Projects

WHAT: Tri-Valley CAREs has purchased space on the only billboard in the City of Livermore to appeal to scientists and engineers at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), asking them to forswear work on the National Ignition Facility (NIF) mega-laser and other nuclear weapons programs.

WHEN: 11 AM, Monday, August 20, 2001, for an "unveiling" and press conference.

WHERE: At the 24-foot billboard, corner of Portola Ave. and Murrieta Blvd., Livermore (at the Portola Ave. on-ramp to I-580).

WHO: Speakers include

WHY: The new billboard, a lighted, high-quality vinyl creation in brilliant reds and yellows, will be seen by 24,100 drivers each day, including many of the Livermore Laboratory staff who live in town or commute home to other communities in the Tri-Valley or East Bay. The billboard artistically features part of the target chamber of the National Ignition Facility and invites the viewer to ponder NIF's relationship to advancing nuclear weapons science. Concludes the billboard, "Your Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste."

The international Scientists and Engineers Pledge to Renounce Weapons of Mass Destruction, recently launched by Tri-Valley CAREs and three colleague organizations, and other relevant materials about NIF, Stockpile Stewardship and nuclear weapons are available on Tri-Valley CAREs' web site, which is listed on the billboard ( along with the group's phone number.

The new Livermore billboard is similar to one placed by the Los Alamos Study Group near the Los Alamos weapons lab in New Mexico, and is part of a coordinated campaign.

Tri-Valley CAREs will be creating postcards using the new billboard image, and will be corresponding in 2002 with all 8,000 Livermore Lab employees.


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