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Send a De-Alert Postcard to President Bush!

This lovely postcard can express all your wishes for our President as we "cross that bridge into the 21st century." (Are we going to cross the bridge with nuclear guns loaded, safeties off and fingers on the trigger?)

You can download a high-quality image of four of these postcards, suitable for printing on heavy cardstock.
  • To save the file as a JPEG, right-click (Windows) or click and hold (Mac) after the JPEG file has loaded, then "Save As" on your hard drive.
  • To print directly from Netscape, you may need to reduce the shrink/enlarge percentage in Page Setup.
JPEG file (approx. 600KB)
Click Here

Then, use any word-processing or page-layout software to put 4 copies of the following on the reverse:

Dear President Bush:

DE-ALERT the U.S. nuclear arsenal now to:

  • Reduce the threat of nuclear war.
  • Support existing arms control efforts.
  • Signal progress toward fulfillment of the U.S. Non-Proliferation Treaty commitment to eliminate nuclear weapons.
  • Provide a margin of safety at a much cheaper cost than an unreliable missile defense system.




City, State, Country

President George Bush
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, DC 20500

Don't forget to put a 20-cent stamp on each! And please email us about how many postcards your group was able to send! Thanks!

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