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Tri-Valley CAREs Team Heads to Washington to Cut Spending on Nuclear Weapons Programs; Restore Needed Funds for Radioactive Waste Cleanup and Securing Nuclear Materials


Thursday, April 11, 2013

A unique delegation of activists and experts from Tri-Valley CAREs will be in Washington, DC from April 14 through 17 to conduct meetings with leading members of Congress and the Obama Administration in the wake of the Fiscal Year 2014 budget request’s increases for nuclear weapons, which were released April 10, 2013. The team aims to prevent billions of dollars from being spent on ill-conceived nuclear weapons projects that threaten the nation’s nonproliferation goals as well as public health and the environment.

Representing the Livermore, CA-based group will be Janis Kate Turner, the Board President whose home sits near a contaminated groundwater plume emanating from Livermore Lab. Additionally, Dr. Robert Civiak, a physicist and former White House official, will be joining the team. Rounding it out will be Scott Yundt, the group’s Staff Attorney, and Marylia Kelley, its longtime Executive Director. Tri-Valley CAREs’ delegation will be in DC working with colleagues from a dozen other states who are participating in the 25th annual Alliance for Nuclear Accountability (ANA) “DC Days.”

The Tri-Valley CAREs team has meetings with its congressional delegation, including CA Senator Dianne Feinstein, who chairs the appropriations subcommittee that determines funding for nuclear weapons. The group will also meet with top Administration officials, including the Dept. of Energy, Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board and other offices with jurisdiction over nuclear weapons, safety, security and cleanup.

Scott Yundt said, “Proposals to increase nuclear weapons spending by more than a billion dollars are inconsistent with budget constraints, ignore the sequester and threaten our nation’s stated commitment to lead toward a world free of nuclear weapons. I am going to DC to shift our country’s priorities.” Janis Kate Turner declared, “I am going to Washington to make sure decision-makers understand that my home and my family are threatened by the pollution that comes from nuclear weapons activities. I want to see more funding for cleanup and more opportunities for community members to be part of the decision process.”

Tri-Valley CAREs will also bring thousands of petitions to prevent plutonium bomb cores from being transported to Livermore from New Mexico. The team will also have expert analysis of the FY 2014 nuclear weapons budget request and government memos questioning the merits of Livermore Lab’s far-flung proposal to design a new “interoperable” warhead for both land-based and submarine-launched missiles.

ANA is a network of local, regional and national organizations whose members live downwind and downstream from U.S. nuclear weapons facilities. Tri-Valley CAREs has been an ANA member group since 1989.

In addition to more than 80 pre-set meetings in DC, there will be an Award reception honoring leaders of the movement for responsible nuclear policies on Tuesday, April 16. That event will take place in Room B354 of the Rayburn House office Building from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM.


Fro more information on the nuclear weapons budget and related topics, call the numbers listed below.

For fact sheets and more information on “DC Days” events, check here.


Marylia Kelley, Exec. Dir., 925.443.7148 (office), 925.255.3589 (cell in DC)

Scott Yundt, Staff Attorney, 925.443.7148 (office), 415.990.2070 (cell in DC)