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Plutonium Diagnostic Dilemna

At the end of August, I went to Washington, DC on Tri-Valley CAREs behalf to talk with Obama Administration officials and Congress about the nuclear weapons budget and related topics.

I spoke with officials about the necessity of delaying and/or canceling the new plutonium bomb core factory at the Los Alamos Lab. At the same time, I pointed out a major flaw in the draft "revised plutonium strategy"; a flaw that would send nuclear bomb cores regularly from Los Alamos in NM to Livermore Lab in CA and back again to Los Alamos on our highways.

The rationale for this dangerous scheme is that Livermore Lab has a diagnostic that Los Alamos Lab lacks. So, we investigated...

Click the link below for an excerpt of Livermore Lab Building 334 Safety Analysis Report with diagrams of the diagnostic that Livermore Lab has but Los Alamos Lab does not (and should have!).

In the scanned excerpt, I included the report cover page, a bit of descriptive text and the diagnostic, which you will see has 3 parts. I also included the second and third floor diagrams of the building so that everyone can see that the diagnostic itself is not that tall or big. And, the measurements are part of the diagrams.

Again, the diagnostic could go to Los Alamos rather than plutonium pits coming to Livermore over and over and over - and without proper safety and security - as Livermore will no longer be a nuclear bomb Category I/II security facility after September 30, 2012.

Further, the residents in NM and all along the transportation route will be unnecessarily endangered by the plan as it currently stands.

Click here , enjoy the diagrams, and do contact us join our growing campaign to get the government's plutonium strategy CHANGED!