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Take Action to Cut Funds for New Nuclear Weapons

The Republican Majority on the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) has apparently failed to notice that the Cold War was declared over in 1989, some 24 years ago. The HASC National Defense Authorization Act is mired in the past but will set policy and authorize funding for the future - and that is the problem.

Fortunately, there is a solution. This is where you come in!

Today, the full House of Representatives is beginning its debate on the bill. Tomorrow (Thursday) the initial amendments will be offered for a "floor vote," which means that every U.S. Representative will have a chance to vote.

We are expecting the Rules Committee to allow several amendments that will seek to trim some of the $600 billion that the HASC authorized for Fiscal Year 2014 spending on nuclear weapons, Pentagon programs and war fighting. For example...

An amendment to constrain funding for the B61 nuclear bomb "Life Extension Program" has been drafted and will likely be offered tomorrow (Thursday).

"Life Extending" the B61 nuclear bomb is estimated to cost more than $10 billion, which comes out to $25 million per bomb. The newly overhauled nuclear bomb will also be given a new tail kit and new military capabilities. The HASC authorized more than $580 million for the B61 overhaul in Fiscal Year 2014 alone.

Your Representative has the chance tomorrow to rein in the B61 nuclear bomb program. Please call him or her and ask that s/he support efforts to cut back the B61 nuclear bomb and other unwise weapons programs.

Please call your Representative EARLY Thursday morning. You may use the capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121. Or, use the toll-free number that our colleagues at the Friends Committee on National Legislation set up at (877) 429-0678. Call early!

Be sure to say you are a constituent and that you are calling to ask your Rep. to vote for any amendment to cut the B61 nuclear bomb or other nuclear weapons programs. Specify that the amendment may be offered today, Thursday! And, as always, thank the aide who answers the phone.

Thank you for taking action to stop nuclear weapons. We will keep you posted on the outcome, and on upcoming strategic opportunities to influence the U.S. nuclear weapons budget and policy.