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Women Leaders Ask UN to Appoint Special Envoy to Defuse Threat of War on Korean Peninsula

Friday, September 22, 2017
Posted by Marylia Kelley

In response to President Trump’s threat “to totally destroy North Korea,” at the United Nations General Assembly, Tri-Valley CAREs’ executive director Marylia Kelley joined nearly 300 global women leaders and major organizations from 45 countries, including South Korea, Japan, Guam and the United States, to release an urgent appeal for diplomacy.

The women leaders’ letter calls on UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to immediately appoint a Special Envoy to de-escalate the threat of war now facing the Korean Peninsula.

Signers include former elected officials, Nobel Peace Laureates, leading academics, prominent activists, such as Angela Davis and Ai-jen Poo, bestselling authors, such as Gloria Steinem, Alice Walker and Naomi Klein, award-winning filmmakers such as Abigail Disney, and prominent philanthropists, among others. Women Cross the DMZ organized the letter.

Read the letter and see the signatories here.