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Tonight’s State of the Union: A Tweeting Opportunity

Tuesday, January 28, 2014
Posted by Scott Yundt

The State of the Union is a great opportunity to use social media, especially twitter, or even write a letter to the editor about what you have just heard, or wish you had heard. Because President Obama has made nuclear disarmament a rhetorical policy goal, it is important that we seize the opportunity to keep this issue on his agenda.

Specifically, his administration should be spending less money on a gold-plated upgrade to the B-61 gravity bomb. Under current plans, this single modernization program will cost $12 billion, more than $25 million per bomb. That means each bomb will cost more than twice its weight in gold! Plus, the bombs are mostly housed in NATO countries that very likely will not want them anymore ten years from now when the modernized bombs are ready.

If you think our money would be better spent on other priorities…

TWEET:#SOTU #NuclearWeapons are more obsolete than ever! Ax the gold-plated #B61 and use those billions of dollars for (ENTER PROGRAM OF CHOICE HERE – e.g. education, health care, community development).

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