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Specter of Resumed Nuclear Tests in Nevada

Veteran journalist Keith Rogers has recently written an important, in-depth article on Trump’s nuclear tweets - and on the very real possibility that nuclear explosive testing will resume in Nevada.

The article ran in the Las Vegas Review-Journal on January 21. Tri-Valley CAREs is quoted at length, as is Daniel Ellsberg.

Pressing for a return to testing in the article are C. Paul Robinson (formerly with Sandia and Los Alamos Labs), Kathleen Bailey (with the neocon National Institute for Public Policy; formerly with Livermore Lab) and Troy Wade (formerly with the Dept. of Energy Nevada Operations Office). 

The "resume testing" folks are trotting out a plethora of questionable arguments. Particularly disturbing is C. Paul Robinson's rumor-mongering that the Russian's have developed a pure fusion nuclear weapon as well as his assertion that the plutonium in our nuclear weapons is degrading [precipitously] despite that chestnut having been laid to rest years ago by a JASON study of the weapons labs' own data showing that the plutonium in US weapons will remain reliable with simple maintenance for one-hundred years (or longer).  

Fasten your seat belts, readers. And, do check out this timely article and its fabulous photographs of the test site.

Click here for the article.