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Toxic threat too close to Tracy — Valeria Salamanca

Friday, September 1, 2017
Tracy Press


As a recent grad who moved back to Tracy after finishing college, I am starting to see my community in a different light. I have a deep appreciation for my hometown, which makes me all the more concerned when it comes to protecting it.

I was astounded to discover that 6 miles away is a toxic threat to my home, OUR HOME.

I get two reactions when I ask people, “Have you heard of Site 300?”

The first is “No” which allows me to inform my neighbors about the toxic and radioactive explosives tests conducted for nuclear weapons design.

The second reaction is “Yeah, but hasn’t it been there a long time?” This makes me wonder whether my neighbors understand its relationship to Tracy’s air, water and health.

I want to let all my neighbors know they do have a voice in what goes on in our community. There is a meeting on Site 300 at the Hidden Lake Clubhouse on Sept. 7 at 6 p.m. Details are at

Join the conversation. Protect our home!

Valeria Salamanca, Tracy

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