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 November 1999 -
Public Hearing on the Construction and Operation of the National Ignition Facility

April 1999 -
Let Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson know that WIPP is woefully inadequate and ill-advised!
Support Congressional Resolutions for nuclear disarmament!

January 1999 - Rein in Stockpile Stewardship
Urge your Representative to Support the Markey Resolution

December 1998 - Another subcritical test early in 1999? What's the rush?
Stop the Clarinet Test, send a protest letter to Bill Richardson

November 1998 - Forget Safety Regulations, We've Got Duct Tape!
Stop the Cimmaron Test

September 1998 - Aren't we being a bit hypocritical with our "subcriticals"?
Stop the Bagpipe Nuclear Test

August 1998 - Let's stop encouraging other nations to develop nuclear weapons!
Support the Markey Resolution to restrain nefarious Dept. of Energy schemes!

July 1998 Nuclear Chocolate? No Thanks!!!
Phone and Boycott Nestle

May 1998 - India Nuclear Tests - An outrageous, destabilizing act
What can you do?

April 1998 - Thirty Minutes Could Change U.S. Nuclear Policy
Support the Congressional Resolution to end the SSM boondoggle. Support the Markey Resolution!

January 1998 - NUCLEAR WEAPONS FOREVER? It's Time for a Change!
Help Stop the "Stockpile Stewardship and Management" boondoggle. Support the Markey Resolution!

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