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1999 U.S. Congressional Resolution to Stop "Stockpile Stewardship" --

Your Help is Needed!

Below is an Action Alert with who (and how) to call, followed by talking points on the "Stockpile Stewardship" program and the Markey Resolution.

--by Brad Morse and Marylia Kelley

The Markey Resolution
Call Your Rep. Today!

In 1998, Rep. Ed Markey (D-MA) and 14 other members of the U.S. House of Representatives had the courage and foresight to call for a less provocative, less wasteful, and more responsible custodianship program to save billions of dollars and ensure the real safety of the U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile. If your member of the U.S. House is listed below, please thank him or her and encourage your Rep. to again co-sponsor the Markey Resolution in 1999. If your member of the House is not listed below, please ask him or her to join the others and co-sponsor the Markey Resolution as the 106th Congress begins this January.

Co-sponsors of the Markey Resolution in 1998:

Urge your Representative to co-sponsor the Markey Resolution.

To reach your member of Congress, call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121.

Your Representative can contact Representative Markey's office and Legislative Director Jeff Duncan at 202-225-2836.

Talking Points

The Markey Resolution: A Necessary Antidote to Nuclear Weapons Forever

The "Stockpile Stewardship" program is the new name for nuclear weapons research, development, testing, and production at the Dept. of Energy's labs and other nuclear weapons facilities. At a price tag of $4.5 billion annually, "Stockpile Stewardship" involves dozens of upgraded and new research facilities and supercomputers, enhanced weapons production capabilities, fusion devices and explosive tests using nuclear weapons material including uranium and plutonium. The nuclear weapons establishment claims that this program is needed to ensure the safety and reliability of existing nuclear weapons. However, the program has little to do with ensuring safety of the arsenal (preventing accidental detonations) or verifying reliability (assuring the bombs explode as predicted). "Stockpile Stewardship" is intended to maintain the capability to design new weapons and to train a new generation of nuclear bomb makers.

The proliferation-provocative nature of U.S. "Stockpile Stewardship" was demonstrated last spring when India cited this program to justify its own detonation of several underground nuclear tests. Pakistan followed suit.

What is the alternative? The Markey Resolution calls for an end to "Stockpile Stewardship" and for a more responsible custodianship program that is far smaller, less expensive and requires fewer facilities than the current program. Moreover, the Markey Resolution provides for the maintenance needs of the U.S. arsenal in a manner that is consistent with U.S. obligations under the long-standing nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, which is awaiting ratification by the U.S. Senate.

Please ask your Representative to join Representative Ed Markey and co-sponsor the 1999 Congressional Resolution to redirect the "Stockpile Stewardship" program.

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